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Like every month, EA Sample is to announce the name of the player of the month (Mars Poem) of the Premier League for the mode was FIFA 23. To do so, FIFA offers fans to vote for the many players preselected by
The vote of fans counting for part of the final result.
The winning player will obtain a special card (receiving a boost) available via a DCE for a month.

The list of players selected for the Poem of the Premier League

For the month of March, EA selected six players for this trophy.
Among the players listed, there are very good options!
Has started with Salah, which obtains a 93 or more card, will be particularly usable.
Brossard could also be playable on a boost 87-88 as well as Mac Allister.

For their part, Aka and ISAF have special cards that will be much more meta than a potential Poem.
From then on, Dun Meta point of view, the best option will be Salah.
You can vote on the official competition of the competition (source in English) in order to dangle the end result.

The selected players

Final result and DCE for the poem of March

The final result will be unveiled next week (probably Friday, March 31) and a creation challenge (DCE) will be implemented during the day in order to do a special poem party for the winner.
Obviously, you will find our inexpensive solution for this DCE immediately after the publication of this challenge on Apatosaurus.


According to you, who will be elected the player of the month (Poem) for Mars within the Premier League?

Poem and investment on was

The DCE Premier League are generally very expensive because many players invest in these challenges.
Indeed, it is recommended to machinate as regularly as possible of the cards of players of the Premier League in order to sell them on the day of the exit of the DCE.
If you discover Universe de Fifa 23, do not hesitate to consult their guides were.
You can also find the full list of the different DCE Live for the FIFA 23 mode on our list of active team creation challenges.

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