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Mick Schumacher draws the eyebrows together.
The 23-year-old is totally focused behind the path constraint, the journeys of Lewis Hamilton as well as George Russell comply with the Formula 1 examinations in Bahrain.
When examining the data in the Mercedes Box, Schumacher later on pays attention totally focused to the engineers.
The child of record world champion Michael Schumacher had to change his role in the premier class of motorsport.
After 2 years at the US team Haas, he was unloaded as a routine vehicle driver as well as replaced by compatriot Nico Gutenberg for this season.
His brand-new home: Mercedes.
Possibly a stopover.
Possibly even a catapult for his job.

from the normal cockpit to the simulator

It is hard someplace due to the fact that I want to drive myself. Yet I comprehend my role and also my jobs. I understand that they are very crucial for the group, stated Schumacher after relocating from the regular cabin to the simulator.
I have the experience from the cockpit of the previous year and understand specifically just how the car has to really feel. I can assist the group with my responses.
Schumacher has had a year on which you could damage.


Formula 1 can be so pitiless.
At Haas, the former Formula 2 champion was virtually maintained in a lasting loop, which would certainly indicate his total damage in Saudi Arabia as well as Monaco for the Laymen auto racing team.
And also direct for his future.
You have to be extremely robust to be very durable in order to count on yourself under continuous hazards, not to ruin anything, as well as to count on your own and also your capacity.

Hang: He has the potential to be a perfect one

Exactly how he handled the issues of in 2014 as a driver that has actually never shed a bad word about the team shows the genuine expert, said previous Mercedes Motorsports Norbert Hang.
He has the prospective to end up being a perfect one.
Hang still knows Mick’s dad.
The Formula 1 resurgence of the seven-time world champ from 2010 to 2012 comes under the Mercedes duration of the previous reporter. The truth that my daddy drove here is a lot more unique, the son assured.

Wolff: Mick will certainly be an enrichment

The connection to Toto Wolff is also special.
The team boss of Mercedes made it clear from the beginning just how a lot he appreciates it.
I assume that if you can provide him a secure environment to develop additionally, after that he can be an excellent auto racing motorist with a regular cabin in the future, said Wolff, that intends to lead Schumacher back to the routine cockpit.
Mick will be an enrichment.
Wolff sees the Dutchman Neck de Vries as a good example for Schumacher that was a replacement chauffeur at Mercedes and got a repaired cabin from Alpha Lauri this period.
He will go his means, said former Formula 1 primary marketing professional Bernie Ecclestone with confidence by the German Press Company about Mick Schumacher.
I assume it’s a great deal for the group as well as Mick, stated Ralf Schumacher, formerly Formula 1 chauffeur as well as uncle from Mick.
One more period with a repaired cabin would certainly obviously have been better due to the fact that driving is still the ideal for further development. On the other hand, he did not have the necessary assistance at Haas, so it would have been very difficult for him.
Mercedes ought to become an incubator when Haas was a steel bathroom.
The approach right here is very professional. It is excellent to speak with the engineers as well as chauffeurs and pick up from them, stated Mick Schumacher, who will certainly get on site whatsoever Grand Prix.
It’s wonderful for me because I can establish myself further.

Schumacher could likewise action in at McLaren

Of training course, Schumacher wants to drive the W14 on the track himself.
This is my hope, he said.
For this, however, Hamilton or Russell would have to be.
Accessibility to Schumacher also has McLaren, which provides from Mercedes with engines.
Obviously, this enhances the possibilities of a short-term task on a Grand Prix weekend.

In 2024 Schumacher desires to have a normal cabin once again.
Probably not with Mercedes.
Hamilton wants to extend his agreement with Mercedes, Russell is bound in the long-term.
It is my goal to drive back in Formula 1, emphasized Schumacher.
When conversations begin, when which team will most likely appear during the following few weeks as well as months.

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