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Crowns Eye)- mission of a crown of degree 3 in Call of Obligation: War zone 2 DMZ.
For this objective, players require penetrating the major area of the structure 21 as well as position a tactical chamber in it.

Just how to experience the mission of the Eye of the Crown in the demilitarized area

  • Install a tactical electronic camera in the major area of the structure 21
  • Extract in the very same implementation.

How to install a tactical cam generally space Building 21.

Even before the suit on the building Building 21, edit your discharging and see to it that you equipped a tactical chamber area upgrade.
Use the gain access to card to the 21 DRC structure in your inventory to obtain inside a very shielded thing.


Structure 21 has three flooring and also 4 staircases along 4 corners of each flooring.
Now the place where you require installing a tactical electronic camera lies on the 3rd floor of the item where you can get making use of the A3, B3, C3 and also D3 stairs.
As quickly as you reach the third degree, you may run into the one in charges of the structure 21, Wilson and Giant with a grenade launcher.
Either ruin them purposefully, or remain away.

The main space can be easily seen, as it leaves the hallway and also is protected by bulletproof glass.
This area has just one accessibility point that you can see on the very first and 2nd photos above.
Open 2 white doors with a DRC logo design, and also you will certainly locate yourself in the primary space of the building 21. There will be numerous Darkness Firm guards and Trouble Guard that safeguard the region.
This is your service, if you intend to eliminate them or not.
Toss and set up the tactical chamber that you brought throughout the major room, and also the initial task of the mission of the eye of the crown will be completed.
For the final task, you require drawing out from the active email of the lift on the map.
Stick with us in the professional guide guides to figure out even more concerning Call of Responsibility: Modern War 2 and also War zone 2. In the meanwhile, get accustomed to our post Eichmann Weapon Testing.

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