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At the lengthy end I simply try to obtain the best gamers to Leipzig-and if the very best player plays for a possible replacement of Kenny Lieder in Salzburg, I will certainly proceed to take a look around, stated the 49-year-old on Friday night
A couple of days ago, the commitment of midfielder Nicolas Salad became recognized.
The 21-year-old will most likely to Leipzig after the existing period and also might replace his OF teammate Konrad Lieder, that is supposed to migrate to Bayern Munich.
Salad will be the 22nd player who has transformed from Salzburg to Leipzig given that 2010.

He is very young, he is starving, terrific possible, such as perfect RB transfer, Ebert described the Salad responsibility.

Criticism during time in Playback

During his term as a supervisor of Borussia Mönchengladbach, the current RB supervisor transfers in between the RB clubs Leipzig and Salzburg still criticized.
What bothers me concerning RB is this bed from gamers from Salzburg to Leipzig and also from Leipzig to Salzburg. That has a thread for me since they essentially have two teams, Ebert claimed in 2016.


At that time I said something as a challenger. Seven years, the world kipped down football, Ebert discussed his modification of expression.
Salzburg is an association, where we look, we have no advantage, claimed Ebert.
As with any various other club, we will attempt to bring the most effective gamers to Leipzig.

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