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When it comes to fighting in ancient China, To Long: Fallen Dynasty definitely arrives with more depth and strategy than most.
If you go with all enthusiasm, it is most likely to finish as the coolest body to add to the pile.
On the other hand, it is better to learn all the complexities involved, so this is what you will need to know when it comes to martial arts, sorcery and spirit meter in TO Long: Fallen Dynasty.

Spirit Gauge in TO Long: Fallen Dynasty, explained

Once a level begins, you will see the Spirit Gauge in the middle.
The aggressive game accumulates it to the right in a blue tone, while decreases when Spirit is used or attacks you, showing themselves in orange.
If you do nothing, it will return to the middle over time.
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In essence, you will gain spirit using normal attacks or diverting successful attacks.
Then, the spirit can be used for spiritual attacks or fatal blows, which consume all the spirit to improve power.
It can also be used for martial arts, sorcery spells and also to divert.
You will lose spirit for doing nothing or receiving harm.

Martial Arts in TO Long: Fallen Dynasty

Martial arts are special attacks that can be performed using Spirit and, vital, allow the player to penetrate the enemy’s guard and inflict great Spirit damage.
The warning is that each weapon is randomly assigned one or two types of martial arts, so some practice is needed to dominate them.
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Each use of martial arts also consumes spirit, so if you are counteracted and the spirit is lacking to receive the damage, you could be exposed to more damage.
Combining deviation and martial arts is an excellent way to reduce the spirit of the enemy over time while keeping yours tall.

Sorcery in TO Long: Fallen Dynasty

As for sorcery spells, these are special skills that are aligned with the elements of the five phases.
Players can configure up to four different spells at the same time, and allows the exploitation of the weak elements of the enemy and confers state effects to help you change the course.
Each sorcery spell has a required moral range and a minimum statistics value to be used, so be sure to plan accordingly.


While the game allows you to learn all spells, even if you have not met the requirements, you still will not be able to make the most of them.
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The general formula for the elements is as follows: the wood counteracts the Earth, the Earth counteracts the water, the water expires to the fire, the fire gains the metal and the metal counteract to the wood.
When making sure you know all the systems from inside out when it comes to martial arts, sorcery and spirit meter in TO Long: Fallen Dynasty, you will become a much more formidable enemy.
Be sure to check other guidelines related below to improve even more, or look for to get more answers.
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