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As the Andalusian’s announced on Wednesday, the club made an equivalent application to the International Sports Court CAS.
According to this, the game in La Liga should relax up until the objection was decided.
The factor for the exhilaration is the 1: 1 versus FC Each on January 16.
Before the late compensation of the visitors by Ezequiel Ponce in the 81st minute, umpire Carlos del Cerro Grande as well as the video assistant additionally neglected an offside setting.
In the declaration on the homepage, Cadiz mentioned an extreme violation of the referee.
A decision by the CAS is required to shield the integrity of the competition.
Cadiz desires the video game to be repeated from the 17th match day from the moment of the wrong decision.
The table-16.
Had currently looked for the cancellation of the result at the Spanish Football Organization (REEF) and also the rep of the last nine mins of play.
Nevertheless, considering that the REEF did not feel accountable, no measures were taken.
Cadiz consequently pulled the exact same need from the CAS.
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