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A hydraulic problem on the W14 protected against additional rounds from George Russell, that had taken over the auto after the world champ Lewis Hamilton after noon.
After the 72 rounds on the Bahrain International Circuit of Hamilton in the first fifty percent of the day, Russell just came to 26, a total of 98. The goal was always the goal, commented Solution 1 in its real-time ticker: Whatever else is a traitors indication that is
a group has to combat.

Gutenberg in a great state of mind

The American Formula 1 newcomer Logan Sergeant accomplished most rounds with over 150 in Williams.
The Chinese Guano Zhou came to over 130 and also transformed the fastest round in the Alfa Romeo on Friday prior to the two-time world champion Max Verstappen in the Red Bull.


The two-time champ Fernando Alonso, who additionally provided a two-time champ in Aston Martin Gas this year.
Recommend ant Nico Gutenberg, that is the end of Mick Schumacher’s major pilot at the American Haas group, signed up with fifth.
The test drives will continue Saturday with the last of just 3 test days.

The period starts with the Bahrain Grand Prix next weekend.

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