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NFL specialist Patrick Resume withdraws from TV.
The day after the Super Bowl, he announced the end of his TV profession.
TV profession is over, but it’s not bad, we’ll see you in the European League of Football, announced coach Resume in a personal clip on Instagram.
He also thanked the fans: You have actually altered my life out there, without shitty life.
Completion of his period need to be validated by changing the television broadcast.
Prospered will lose the rights to RTL for the coming season.
The offer of the Cologne private broadcaster with the world’s finest football league is at least five years.
In the future, as much as three video games will be broadcast on RTL and Nitro each week.


For Resume, the European League of Football commissioners continues.
This is still revealed by his former company.
The 49-year-old took over the task as a specialist in 2015 and has been one of the most popular commentators and moderators of Prospered ever since.
Even prior to his official exit, Resume and Jan Sticker, Bjorn Weaker and Christoph Ice stated bye-bye to the television cams.
The latter even wept bitter tears.

Now it’s getting hard, I can just state thank you, stated Ice sobbing: I take my hat. I would not have wound up here if not numerous individuals had actually been on this program.
The 36-year-old with the Berlin dialect continued: My position was not formerly on the TV she was not so appropriate, and if you hadn’t commemorated it that way, I wouldn’t sit here today.
Resume added: Do not be unfortunate that it is over, but lets more than happy that we might be there.
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