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After the Bundesliga club FC Bayern just won the German championship last season, the Punchers wish to play for the title once again this season in the DFB Cup and in the Champions League.
Depending upon the performance in the premier class, the Bavaria specialists are dealing with a possible mega journey.
As the Build reports, those responsible for FC Bayern Munich are planning a marketing journey in summer.
The goal of the journey need to be Australia.

However, the hardship trip is just imminent to Munich professionals if they miss the final of the Champions League.
The term of the premier class will take location on June 10th in Istanbul.
Only if FC Bayern does not get involved would the break between the end of the season and the start of preparation would be long enough to start the long journey to Australia.


The next hurdle in the Champions League is facing the German record champs in the coming week.
On February 14, the Bundesliga club will be guest in the first leg of the round of 16 at Paris Saint-Germain.
The second leg will increase on March 8th.

FC Bayern mainly travels to China or the U.S.A.

FC Bayern has actually been going to the USA or China as part of the Audi Summer Tour as part of the Audi Summer Tour.
Due to the Corona pandemic, the strategically developed journey 2020 and 2021 had to be canceled.
In 2015 the team of coach Julian Nagelsmann was back in the USA.
We are really happy to be able to be experienced again for our fans after 2 years of pandemic. It will be good to feel the enthusiasm of the regional people, said Bavaria’s CEO Oliver Khan at the time.
A brand-new market is now to be developed in Australia.
The more than 30,000 kilometers must not be an obstacle-if FC Bayern misses out on the Champions League final.

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