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Recently against Hanover, he had significantly set the course with a fantastic Schooner to the 2-0 final rating, on Sunday against 1. FC Kaiserslautern, Metal even scored the golden gate for 1-0.
Because he made the right walk with Eric Smith’s dream pass and then considered the long corner with the inside.
It was intuition, he says, not remarkably exposing: I am really happy about this advancement.
Since it was not foreseeable in this type and tough weeks lag Metal.
In summer, Metal at first found no genuine location in Time Schultz in the system with midfield drafts, and even after the tactical changeover of the ex-trainer to a chain of three, a joker and after that likewise had to absorb that his big imagine the World Cup
– Election had burst.
The trip at house, he says, I did well. I refueled.

Hurdler does not desire to praise for the development

The modification of coach and the new position ended up being another career accelerator.
Hurdler wished to have Metal in the 3-4-3 system as a disguised wing striker on the right side due to the fact that he applauded his last qualities to stand.
He rejected this against Kaiserslautern, but the coach is far from attributing the lion’s share in the development of the 23-year-old: Connor does not flower under me, says Hurdler, but is simply a really young player, who came from another continent in summer season who needed a certain time. He does not blow up under my leadership, but also the outcome of the work that we have actually currently carried out in the old group of coaches.
For Metal itself, nevertheless, it is likewise a concern of the new position.
The position as an extreme right is brand-new to me, however I feel extremely comfy there.


Especially given that he has actually also played the brand-new function of the match winner in this.

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