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Date: February 10, 2023 (Fri) 09:00
True Seek: CEO Jung Yeo-jin, CFO AHN Hypnosis, CEO of NHN Pasco, and Kim Jong-un, CEO of NHN Cloud
Contents of presentation: NHN 4Q performance and major business strategies

■ NHN 2022 4Q and annual earnings summary and new schedule
▣ Summary of sales
-2022 sales of 2.15 trillion won (+10%last year), operating profit of W40.7bn (-58.4%), net loss of 4.6 billion won (deficit change)
-4Q sales of KRW 561.4 billion (+2.8%last year), operating profit of KRW 11.7 billion (-53.1%), net loss of KRW 16.2 billion (deficit change)

▣ Game sales summary
-2022 game division sales of KRW 108.5 billion (electricity-6.4%, +5.3%last year)
B sales (PC+mobile) sales rose 30.3% year-on-year
-PC online game sales of KRW 39.7 billion (electricity-11.1%, +0.2%last year)
ㄴ Web board game monthly payment limit upward (22. July) Effect continues to continue the Cause holiday station resistance effect
-Mobile game sales W68.8bn (electricity-3.5%, +8.5%last year)
B mobile web board sales are quarterly sales and the highest sales rankings ever
Even though it is strong in compass collaboration, Japan’s major title 3Q event

▣ Cost configuration
-E total operating cost of KRW 549.6 billion (electricity +6.9%, +5.5%last year)
-Payment fee KRW 359.2 billion (electricity +8.5%, +11.6%last year)
B will increase the payment of the payment business, and reflect the loss of some tory evaluation of China’s commerce business
-Labor cost of KRW 96.7 billion (electricity +11.0%, 12.9%last year)
ㄴ Reflecting only the bonuses of some corporations
-Advertising cost of KRW 26.7 billion (electricity-13.7%, +45%last year)
ㄴ Web board game, webtoon business marketing cost stabilization compared to the previous quarter
-Drainage cost of KRW 19 billion (electricity +7.1%, +7.7%last year)
ㄴ Increasing Tangible and Intangible Assets due to the increase in technical corporations
-Other operating expenses 12.7 billion won (electricity-8.4%, +28.0%last year)
B 3Q Records One-time Server Expansion Costs Reflecting some subsidiary consumables costs (evaluation loss)

▣ Major business status and plan
▲ Game business division
-January 26, 23, Han game Double A Poker Attacking Mind Sports
-Japanese mobile game compass, a science super electronic for collaboration, Line Disney Tsumu 9th Anniversary IOS sales ranking second in the performance record.
-NHN Do Art is developing three new titles with good events and collaboration discovery and 24 years.

▲ Payment & advertising business division
-PERCO is also increasing its contribution to sales of new businesses that provide Pasco’s coupon service to major domestic card companies.
-Last December reorganization.

▲ Commerce business division
-Commerce business is inadequate due to strengthening the Zero Corona policy in China and the long-term blockade of major cities.
-The global consumer sentiment is shrinking and uncertainty is high, but it is expected to improve if it becomes visible.

▲ Technology business status
-NHN Cloud is the best record in the public sector cloud conversion business.
-In the second half of the year, the Kwangju National AI data center is opened, collaborated with AI companies in earnest, and is planning to lead the K-cloud market including AI semiconductors.
-In the domestic AI semiconductor demonstration project, Pang yo DC NCC construction Sapion AI Semiconductor Cloud Infrastructure.

▲ Content business status
-NHN links and Dr. NHN Travel Dr. NHN are noticeably improving business stamina.
-NHN links doubled the fourth quarter’s performance in the fourth quarter, and sales of 22 years more than doubled the previous year.
-This year is expected to be the first year of growth that is out of the 19 influence of Corona.
-The travel market will be difficult to recover immediately, but it is growing, and Dr. NHN plans to inform the differentiated product.

■ Q & A

Is it effective in reforming Pasco Rewards?
Yeon-Woon Chung = On December 1, he has been reorganizing sales-oriented marketing and reorganization, and in December and January this year, he sees the performance part effect as a number.
For more information, I will see the first quarter results and tell them clearly.

I would like to know the 23rd year outlook for the cloud business and the AI business plan, which is emerging recently.


Kim Dogwood, CEO of Cloud = Based on the technology as last year, the public sector is expected to grow as a major business destination in the transition sector similar to this year.
Especially in this year, the NHN cloud in the financial sector’s cloud conversion is expected to grow significantly.
The overall target is targeted at 30%, and I think it will proceed without a big issue.

In order to lead the AI industry, large-scale infrastructure business support is required, and technology is being secured and advanced using cloud resources.
It plans to secure the leadership of the AI industry through the National AI Data Center.
Currently, technologies such as AI fashion, visual search, and similar images have been launched, and are being used online, and steady studies are being conducted on technologies such as GPT and BERT.
It will be released sequentially according to the business schedule.

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