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In the computer game galaxy, the so-called independent scene (produced by modest size groups) stays very active.
All over the world, hundreds of studios sometimes made up of a bachelor, took a seat to provide life to titles, a few of which will be a date.
Journey, Limbo, consisting of Starve, Undertake, Celeste or more recently Stray are amongst these small games that have ended up being cult.
We have actually been counting lots of other makes for years.
Suffice to state, that all computer game fans are watching these productions with specific attention.

We had the ability to participate in a preview in a presentation organized by the Xbox groups for two future long-awaited outings: The Last Case of Benedict Fox and World of Lana.

The Last Case of Benedict Fox

Imagined and directed by the small Polish group of Plot Twist (around thirty people), The Last Case of Benedict Fox takes us into a survey on a double murder and a disappearance in the business of an investigator not like the others.
It has a demon buddy thanks to which it can explore the memory of the dead.
In the ideal line of what the metroidvania calls, the title integrates action and platforms in a splendid universe motivated by Lovecraft mythology and black novels.
In between the real life and the limbo, Benedict Fox surveyed areas occupied by ominous animals with a sometimes completely insane design.
Thanks to a couple of magic powers (which LI is tattooed) but also some weapons, we can get rid of these challengers.
The exploration stages, oscillate between platforms and puzzles, while the character enters search of indices essential for the elucidation of his examination.
Equipped with its torchlight, Benedict Fox can cross harmful and ominous areas in limited time (light just for a few seconds).
A variety of sublime places and scenarios that augur a rhythmic and rich experience in which we are currently eagerly anticipating starting.
The Last Case of Benedict Fox, April 27 on Xbox Series S/X and PC, also on the Video game Pass.

World of Lana

With his animation look motivated by the works of the Ghibli studio, Planet of Lana is certified by his developers, the Swedes of Wishfully Studios, Adventure Puzzle Cinematic.
Here, the players will play Lana, an eleven-year-old girl who delegated rescue her older sibling.
Impossible not to believe of titles like Limbo or Inside, but also Flashback or Another World, according to Adam Stjärnljus the creative director.
In this video game, Heroin carry on a special level from delegated right of Learn while having to resolve puzzles.
Accompanied by a small creature called Mew, Lana needs to nearly find a method to continue its progress.
The 2 characters will need to feel.
Here you need to move a Deirdre trunk to enable Mew to cross a pond, get rid of a few boards to permit the little creature to cross a passage… But Mew can also return the exact same by hypnotizing specific animals or by activating mechanisms.


Laventure is tranquil, the rate quiet.
Lulled by the structures of Takes hi Kurosawa (The Last Guardian), Lana and Mew progress together in wild landscapes which should reveal a gorgeous range if the developers think.
We had actually currently been able to find a playable demo last August and then 19 minutes of the game in October.
This new discussion validates all the good that the thinking about this video game which, beyond laventure in itself, delivers an ecological message.
World of Lana, present 2023 on Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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