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At the start, Felix and Dinar commit themselves to the tops and flops of the transfer period in professional football and then come to the start of their groups.
While the start of the brand-new football year was exceptionally sobering for Felix, Dinars Delay Sports as soon as again leapt out a canteen victory-a little to the discouragement of Dinar.

These are elementary differences in the game as such

In combination with bundesliga referee patrick Dietrich, the two react to the subtleties in the lowlands of amateur football and the habits of the referees there.
Not just that is gone over, however likewise the interaction and habits of the gamers towards the referees.
From the really bottom to the Bundesliga.
February 202340: 58 minutes

# 5: Referee in amateur football with Patrick Dietrich

The start of the 2nd half of the season is completed-Felix and Dinar report back to the podcast with different sensations.
In mix with bundesliga referee patrick Dietrich, the 2 talk about referees in amateur football and elicit him in the method he would whistle in the district league.

## 4: Schneekhaos, school and studies


# 3: squeezed like a lemon


# 2: match day routines and sleep on the highway


# 1: Children’s series and professional football

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