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Craft ton has released detailed information of the Canadian Montreal Game Studio, which was previously released through earnings announcements.

Grafton Montréal Studio will be led by Patrick Bethe, who has gained experience as a development leader for more than 20 years in a global game franchise.

The main leaders of Patrick Mate were the leaders of the game industry, including the producer of Benoit Crappier, Frédéric Duroc game director, and Martin Paradise technical director.
The studio plans to hire about 150 people in major sectors, including animation, programming, and personnel for the next three years.

Craft Tone Montreal Studio is the first project to produce games based on Lee Young-do’s fantasy novel ‘Drinking Birds’, which is recognized as a master of Korean fantasy genre.

One of the most famous fantasy works in Korea, ‘Drinking Birds’, has been loved by readers for the past 20 years with sophisticated worldview and three-dimensional characters.


It is characterized by its unique setting and characters that exquisitely encompass the East and the West, and it contains the story of the four chosen races that begin with a series of events.

Craft ton has been working on visual R & D to expand the IP of ‘Tearing Birds’ since 2021.

In particular, in November last year, the Art Book, which was prepared to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the series of ‘Tearing Birds’, was ranked No. 1 in major Internet bookstores in four days after the start of pre-sale.

Kim Changchun, CEO of Craft ton, said, We are pleased to open the third North American studio in Montreal, which is famous as the center of video game production.
I hope they will join the studio and lead the project together.

Our studio is composed of veteran talents with proven skills, and we have a common goal to provide special experiences for gamers by gaming the original novels to the highest level.
Since I have been a fan of medieval fantasy since the time, I am very excited to be able to produce masterpiece fantasy novels as a member of Crampon.

For more information about the Grafton Montreal Studio and Human Resource Development, please visit the official website.

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