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Since of Manuel Neuer’s statements, it was uneasy at FC Bayern throughout the week, but the record champs in Wolfsburg provided a corresponding response.
Julian Nagelsmann needed to replace the Upamecano wolves, the Frenchman was missing for the first time in the Bundesliga in the beginning eleven.
Choupo-Moting likewise did not get suited time, compared to the 4-0 cup triumph in Mainz, Gretzky and Davies moved into the beginning eleven.
This also implied that Bavaria did not have the back of the four-way chain.
After a bold start of Wolfsburg, the FCB entered into the lead with the first hazardous attack-a cross from Woman did not reach Müller, but slipped through the ideal corner (9th).
Bavaria took the wind out of the sails early on, although Octavio practically took care of the equalization (12th).
In return, Bavaria increased to 2-0, the best flank from Bundesliga debutant João Cancel used Woman worth seeing by volley (14th).
Wolfsburg now hardly entered into the battles, while the record champ benefited from every chance.
A free kick flank from Gimmick found the head of Müller, who prevailed versus Delacroix and in the left corner of head-3: 0 (19th).

Kaminski comes and rewarded Wolfsburg threatened to get under the bikes, after half an hour Nike Kovacs dissolved the triple chain and brought Kaminski for Delacroix.

VFL had trouble entering the battles since Bavaria took the rate out of the video game, Wolfsburg came up increasingly more.
Soon prior to the break, the house side were rewarded for their determination, after a double pass with Octavio reduced Kaminski to 1: 3 (44. ).
Wolfsburg was proficient at this sense of achievement, after the restart, the Lower Saxony all of a sudden were game-determining.
VFL also provided various occasions, but Steinberg shot from a short distance (52nd) and Baku headed in the arms (61. ).
At that time, the Munich team was only too tenth, Gimmick saw his second yellow card (54.) for a tactical foul on Arnold.


Musial as solo

As an outcome, the FCB continued to move back into its own half, Wolfsburg now had a lot of possession.

The wolves came dangerously into the charge location of the visitors, however the bulk did the video game of VFL.
After 73 minutes, Musial simply operated on the best side-and could not be stopped.
Because van de Even also protected badly in the charge area, the worldwide was totally free to shot and made the best corner for choice.
Wolfsburg came through Steinberg once again (81st), due to the fact that another goal from Gerhard was not recognized (84th) and summer defused the last possibility of the game (90. +3), the annihilated Munich ended the victory confidently in the end
over time.
Due to the 3, the record champ takes over the lead again, while VFL remains seventh after the 3rd competitive defeat.
Wolfsburg will be visitor at FC Schalke next Friday evening (8.30 p.m.), Bavaria will receive VFL Bochum on Saturday afternoon (3.30 p.m.).

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