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The Rousseau Marathi, who experienced a pericardium, caused an emotional minute to go back to the group at FC Bayern.
It was the huge shock message for FC Bayern after the World Cup in Qatar: Nousussair Marathi, who had permeated the National group Morocco to the World Cup semi-final, had to expose the training and video game operation right away with a pericardium.
The worries at Bavaria were excellent for the 25-year-old, who just switched from Ajax Amsterdam to Munich in the summer of 2022.
Even throughout the World Cup tournament, Marathi was not able to go the full work, amongst other things, missed out on the video game for 3rd place.
In the greatest video game of Moroccan international history in the semi-finals against France (0: 2), he needed to be replaced at half-time.

FC Bayern: Inflammation of the pericardium at Rousseau Marathi

Quickly after his return to Munich, the bitter diagnosis: Marathi had suffered an inflammation of the pericardium.
The medical department of FC Bayern prescribed rigorous rest and ban on s to the right-back.
On Friday morning, Marathi went back to Säbener Straße for the first time, where the other FC Bayern experts had gathered for team training.
The team gathered soon after 11:00 a.m., head coach Julian Nagelsmann offered a short speech.
Also, present was Marathi, who was welcomed by his teammates with a warm applause and numerous hugs.


return strategy from Nousussair Marathi at FC Bayern still open

The further rehab plan of the full-back is currently restricted from totally taking part in the Munich team training.
In the immediate vicinity of his coworkers, Marathi can now finish his more development program, which initially offers for private running and fitness units.
It is not yet clear when the new summer gain access to, which had signed a long-lasting contract at FC Bayern by 2026, can go back to the lawn.

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