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After the 0-0 last against Genuine Societal and the 2-1 of Barcelona via Real Betis on Wednesday, Real Madrid was already a little under pressure in the champion race a day later.
Lastly, the range to the Catalan leaders threatened to grow further.

Ascension is at first no luck

Versus the relegation-threatened Valencia, which had actually separated from coach Genaro Status on Monday, the video game began practically completely for the royal, however Ascension left the early lead after playing (3rd).
Genuine remained clear after that.
The guests led by interim coach Salvador Võro Gonzalez had little exciting trips except for tentative preliminary adventures.
If Ascension had failed at the start of Mamardashvili, the keeper would have been beaten in the 19th minute, but Gabriel Bautista falsified the full shot with his hoe.
Shortly afterwards, the main defender was simply prior to Benzema (23rd).

Rudder’s hit is collected

In spite of nearly 80 percent ownership of the ball, the Blanco lost the last effect and so a requirement needed to serve.
Rudder pressed a Crews corner over the line (45. +3).
The cheers in Bernabéu quickly prevent whistle, since the Var grip.
Since Benzema had his hand on the face of opponent Mush in the run-up to the hit, referee Javier Alberta Rojas took the goal back.

genuine double strike

In the second round, too, Ascension set the first accent and this time, after a cream goal, cheered the lead from a range (52nd).
The following 5 minutes was entirely off Valencia and was lucky that only Vinicius Junior had increased to 2-0 after a steep pass from Benzema (55. ).
Madrid and Benzema (both 57th) could even have actually added.

Gabriel Ballistas Abler kicks

The video game was decided in terms of sport, which Carlo Ancelotti also indicated his eleven with lots of changes.
The game still had one, albeit negative, highlight.
Gabriel Bautista, which was previously well defended several times, came much too late against Vinicius Junior, still pulled through and appropriately saw the red card (72nd).
While Vinicius Junior left an injury, it looks various with Ever Military.


The central defender needed to be replaced in half one after a battle (36th).
Captain Benzema also reached the thigh and left the field (60th).
With the 2-0, Real has reduced the range to Barcelona to 5 points.
The next video game is currently on the intent on Sunday (2 p.m.) in Mallorca.

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