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Particularly, according to Forster: Of course, the promo in 2017 and the subsequent 3 years in the 3rd league remain in memory. Of course, the descent 2020 harms. Important topics that are of necessary importance for the FCC might also be understood throughout this time

Chris Forster will only be the handling director of Football spielbetrieb of fc Carl Zeiss jena until august 31.
As the Thuringia revealed on Thursday, the 51-year-old ended his agreement on time on August 31.
This ends a ten-year term that worked on a voluntary basis from December 2013 to 2017.


According to FCC, forester sees the best moment with the new election of the Supervisory Board and the enthronement of a brand-new presidium to enable a new beginning in Fuzzball Spielbetriebs GmbH.
The managing director has his upcoming user to reflect on the previous couple of years: It was an extreme and very moving time-a time with downs and ups, with pleasure and also disappointments.

Particularly, according to Forster: Obviously, the promotion in 2017 and the subsequent 3 years in the 3rd league remain in memory. Of course, the descent 2020 injures. Crucial subjects that are of important significance for the FCC might likewise be understood during this time
Like the brand-new arena structure, which is looking forward to its conclusion this year, bringing back the merchandising and marketing rights as well as the widening of the FCC’s base of the investors by local shareholders.
Forster happily highlights: Throughout this time, the FCC never entered into an economic imbalance, has not placed any liabilities towards the investors and likewise with the future idea for the coming years.

usage for the stadium project

Club president Klaus Beria, who was notified by Forster’s termination on Thursday, says: On behalf of my board associates, I want to thank him for his dedication and commitment and desire him all the best for his private and professional future.
Lars Berlin, partner of Fuzzball Spielbetriebs GmbH and the arena operator company, stresses Forster’s services to the venue presently under construction: We got to understand each other several years earlier and promoted and understood the stadium job together with the city. That would be without Chris,
which I had the ability to experience as a really trusting and dependable partner was not possible. His efficiency and commitment to this project should have unique, thanks.

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