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A record-breaking own goal, a great launching of the newbie and at the end of the first success under Bruno Lambada: VfB Stuttgart has dominated in a wild round of 16 in the DFB Cup with 2: 1 (0: 1) at the 2nd division SC Paderborn and is for the very first time
For 7 years in the round of the last 8.
Lambada had the ability to commemorate the first triumph in his 2nd term as a CFB coach.
New finalizing Gil Dias with his very first shot for Stuttgart (86.) and Serious Grassy (90. +5) turned the video game in favor of the Stuttgart, after defender Konstantinos Madroños (fourth) had put the visitors in accordance with Protest: 48,
A return for goalkeeper Florian Müller to Scharf-Nie in the DFB Cup had actually fallen 1 meter from a bigger distance in the DFB Cup.
For coach Lambada, who started with two draws and a defeat after his CFB comeback in winter, the very first success takes some pressure.
Paderborn, who had actually tossed out of the prize in the 2nd round of Welder Bremen, was just a few minutes till a new coup.
Coach Lukas Kwasniok had formerly wished for a wonderful night in front of his own audience.
And right after the start of the video game, supernatural powers really seemed in the video game.
Madroños chose rather all of a sudden for his back pass without having actually previously taken an appearance towards the goal.
Müller grown fruitless, and Stuttgart ran behind.

VfB Stuttgart switches on late

As a result, the favorite had a company grip on the video game without becoming mandatory.
At the break there were a curious stats: 8: 0 goal shots for CFB, Paderborn had not required for the tour.
Lambada reacted, brought brand-new signing Genii Yamaguchi at the 2nd half.
Also, with the Japanese worldwide, from Union Berlin, Stuttgart began and, in all essential data, was clearly harmful for Paderborn.
On the contrary, the best possibility of the video game till then had the second department group after 70 minutes, Felix Platte put the ball freestanding over the goal.
Only the substitute Dias brought about the game for Stuttgart and toppled the video game.

+5) turned the game in favor of the Stuttgart, after defender Konstantinos Madroños (Fourth) had put the guests in accordance with Protest: 48,

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