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Much more than a week later, the unexpected from Toni Analogic is a topic in the location of FC Bayern.
A growing number of explosive details emerge why the long-time goalkeeper coach and confidante by Manuel Neuer had to take his hat off.
The truth that goalkeeper Trainer Toni Analogic and primary coach Julian Nagelsmann were not always green in the joint work for FC Bayern was currently dripping around the dismissal of the Croatian.
The authorities club announcement likewise mentioned differences about the way of cooperation, which would have caused Tapalovics.
The Build has now discovered more details.

Appropriately, from day one, it crunched between Analogic and Nagelsmann, who took over the coaching position from Hansi Flick in summer of 2021.
One of the reasons: Under Flick, Analogic was no longer only accountable for the goalkeepers, but also increased to the essential assistant.


Nagelsmann, on the other hand, wanted Analogic to pursue his actual task again, which obviously didn’t like him.
According to the report, the 42-year-old had different claims.
Again and once again it popped in the personnel of FC Bayern.
Allegedly, Analogic is stated to have been missing at meetings of the training group.

uncertainty at FC Bayern to Tapalovic-Aaus

Analogic has actually likewise been accused of issues in dealing with Leihtorwart Alexander Nobel (currently AS Monaco), the exemption of the popular worker within the association is apparently mainly seen as a desire.
Analogic is stated to have had supporters among the gamers and in the staff.
The truth that ES-AB provided acute triggers for the surprising end in the previous few months has likewise ensured a particular uncertainty and suspect, as Build reports.
Currently, there is concern that the fate that the goalkeeper coach, who was active in Munich, could likewise fulfill other staff members unexpectedly.
Meanwhile, Michael Recover from TSG Cofferdam, whom Kicker and Sky have already called into play, is still the leading candidate for the successor to the successor for Analogic.

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