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After a sensational victory in the World Cup, it was meant to be a day of celebration for the Argentinian team, but events took an unexpected turn when their parade through Buenos Aires descended into chaos! Read on to find out how the players overcame this obstacle and still managed to celebrate with their adoring fans.

Turmoil at the vacation in Buenos Aires: The new football world champions around Megastar Lionel Messi have actually disrupted their parade planned by bus through the Argentine capital and instead fly over the celebrating masses with the helicopter.
The streets in Buenos Aires were lined with hundreds of countless fans, the open bus with the engraving Cam pones del Munro just rolled turbulent scenes in the strolling speed.
On social networks, video series might be seen that showed how fans attempted to get on the bus from bridges or climb up.
The security of all participants was apparently not ensured.
District spokeswoman Gabriela Circuit revealed through Twitter that the players will continue their parade by helicopter.
Let’s continue to celebrate in peace and show you our love and adoration! Circuit wrote.
Initially, the Argentine desired to travel the 30-kilometer path from the association area to the center of the Argentine capital.
At Obelisk, the 68-meter-high pillar of the capital, numerous fans have actually gathered in anticipation of a huge celebration considering that the morning.
In the finest weather, they eliminated the waiting time for their heroes with singing, dancing and sparking fireworks.


The country’s favorites had ended up at around 2:30 a.m. local time (6.30 am) and thus ended up nearly 2 days after winning the World Cup in their homeland.

Messi was the first player from the Airplane A330 to the Aeromonas Argentina’s airline company and presented the fans the World Cup, then coach Lionel Salon left the device.
The aircraft decorated a Messi portrait, plus the saying A team, a country, a dream.
The team ran to an open, white double-decker bus through a red carpet.
We went five kilometers over to the association site in Plaza.
The start for a long vacation that the government had announced for Tuesday across the country.
Already on Sunday after the last penalty in the 4-2 accomplishment over France (3: 3 n.V.), according to official details, a great one million fans stormed onto the streets in the BUENOS AIRES area, especially around the obelisk and on the one leading
SPECTATE 9 DE Julio clogged to an endless ball of person.
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A honor in the Presidential Palace Casey Rosado initially countered security concerns.
When Idol Diego Maradona’s body was born up in November 2020, there were chaotic scenes.
That is why the protection level for the reception of the world champs was increased.

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