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After a worrying start to the week, SV Welder Bremen have received some good news today. Jeri Galena, who was missing from team training on Monday morning, is now back with the squad and is expected to be fully fit and ready for action soon. Read on to find out what this means for Bremen’s hopes of a successful season, and what this all-clear means for Galena’s future.

A lumbago had currently avoided the Bremen regular keeper Jeri Galena in the 1-0 test game against third department SV Happen last Thursday.
Because then, the 30-year-old has been in private treatment at the Easter dike including innovative training.
The Czech nationwide goalkeeper was missing on the training ground on Monday along with the sick Leonardo Bitten court, Oliver Burke, Nicolai Rapp-Sowie Felix AGU (Patellasehne).


Whether Galena, for whom Welder coach Ole Werner has set six intensive units, returns to the objective again, we need to wait, says Clemens Fritz, head of expert football: We look every day. We don’t want any day.
Take unneeded risk.
In any case, the health state of Bremen’s primary has actually gotten much better-but not yet that he can train again.

Fritz: Has nothing to do with pre-stories

With a view of the brand-new year and the one-week training camp in Murcia, Spanish on January 2, we can provide all-clear, stated the 42-year-old.
The lumbago also has absolutely nothing to do with the history of last season, emphasizes Fritz.
Already at the start of the season 2021/22 in the 2nd division, Galena had stopped working with prolonged back problems, which likewise cost him participation in the 2021 European Championship.
In the meantime, he wore the continuation of his career.
In the existing season, the 1.96-meter guy missed only 61 minutes of play due to a thigh contusion suffered in the game against FC Augsburg.
In November, after 17 months without commitment to the Czech choice, he concerned his worldwide matches 16 (5: 0 versus the Fare Islands) and 17 (1: 2 against Turkey).
After the Bundesliga promotion, Galena, who changed from Slavic Prague to Welder in 2017, had extended his contract in Bremen until 2025.

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