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Last week, the world cheered on as the Argentine national team won their first ever World Cup final. As a celebration of this historic victory, a national holiday was declared in Argentina and citizens of the country were filled with joy. But what was even more remarkable about this occasion is the fact that it gave birth to a new anthem – Maschiiiii – that has quickly become popular among Argentinians and beyond! In this blog article, we will explore how this unique anthem came to be, and what it means to Germany and its people.

There are recordings that show how Leandro Martinez and Cristian Romero play a soccer match on the console with sunglasses in Doha early in the morning or how the group on the plane with drums shines the secret hymn of the tournament.

In brief: The celebration marathon, which is pertaining to the world champions this Tuesday in their homeland, has in fact started long ago.
At around 2:30 a.m. regional time, the aircraft decorated with a Messi picture came to the airport in the capital Buenos Aires.
Obviously it was Lionel Messi who was the very first to leave the Airbus A330 and provided the World Cup to the late night.
The team then ran over a red carpet to an open, white double-decker bus, which was supposed to take it to the association location, which is around 5 kilometers away.
Those who liked had the chance to fill and invest the night up with a little strength.
This could still be essential on a day that the government declared a national holiday so that the nation can commemorate the 3rd World Cup title properly.


According to media reports, some provincial federal governments did not wish to agree.

I smoke the final versus Germany for eight years

It is prepared that the world champs will drive to the heart of Buenos Aires after lunch on the open bus, offered they can only progress with the anticipated fan masses.
The goal according to the association: the 68-meter-high obelisk, around the victory versus France on Sunday.
There is currently on the plane and at the airport, where the rock band La Tosca Intoned-Eimmer is again the song Mustaches, which had actually become a fan hymn during the World Cup, and which has actually just recently also been connected to the German national team
I credited the last versus Germany for eight years, it states in the lines that have actually now been reversed.
But that is over, since this year Papa won the last in Qatar versus France.

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