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The Bundesliga is one of the most competitive football leagues in the world, and making a successful transition from the regional league to the top flight is not an easy feat. But Denis Huseinbasic (21) has achieved this by joining 1.FC Cologne for just 50,000 euros, and his story is certainly worth noting! In this article, we’ll take a look at how he did it and what other aspiring players can learn from his journey.

And: I can definitely enhance there. I am currently seeing progress. When I believe about how I came here in summer.

Whether 6, eighth or ten, whether on the inside or on the half-track on the roadway, as well as its speed, a healthy aggressiveness in the start and in battle behavior along with a pronounced sensation for the spaces impressed.
He confirmed to the Cologne Express: I do not care where I play. I am extremely variable, strongly I trust myself.

from the replacement player to the U-21 nationwide group

More and longer missions were the reward for the young man with Bosnian roots, who didn’t have much time to consider what happened to him.
When Dean Juridic was seriously hurt, the hour of Denis Huseinbasic, and he went his course to the U-21 nationwide group with which he won 4-2 in Italy before the World Cup, as a beginning gamer and objective scorer was extremely pleasantly stunned.

Huseinbasics thanks to coach Rampart

He provided the jersey with the black eagle on his chest to his coach Steffen Rampart, in an interview with the Express he justified this: He merely deserved the first jersey. He was likewise included in my nomination, alone because he was
Always strengthened my back when I wasn’t in the squad. Sentences like Your time comes assisted me.


The jersey was a thank you for the past few months.
I signed it right on the first day of preparation and think he more than happy.
For Denis Huseinbasic, the new start of the league begins to live and fulfill his imagine excellent football.
He knows that the football part alone is insufficient.

And has actually prepared itself appropriately.
With athletic fitness instructor Tillman Blockhouse, he deals with physical deficits, but also likes to compromise downtime: Rump stability makes a lot, he recognized.
And: I can definitely enhance there. I am already noticing progress. When I think of how I came here in summer.

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