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Towards completion of next year we can expect the release of Last Fantasy 7: Rebirth.
This is the successor to Last Fantasy 7 remake, in which lead character Cloud Strife will once again swing his oversized Buster Sword.
Numerous fans take the release of the 2nd part as a chance to play through the very first remake once again and to refresh the memory relating to the story.
An enthusiastic fan did not want to play through Final Fantasy 7 remake in the typical method and came up with something odd.

Final Fantasy 7 remake with Buster Sword-Controller

What did he come up with?
On Twitter, Superiors_64 shows its variation of how he plays through Last Dream 7 remake.
He has actually followed a reproduction of the Buster Swords from Cloud Strife, with which he is now playing the video game:
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As soon as he swings the sword slowly, cloud likewise hit.
The speed is not exactly the like in the video game, however defending on the point works exactly.
The sword controller even gets a charged stab.
The controller can be used for both PC and PS5.
Hence, Last Dream 7 remake might be played through the Sword Buster.
After 2 hours, Superiors_64 shows the first symptoms.
It remains to be seen whether he would really endure the entire playing time of the remake.
Can the fan likewise play the second part with Buster Sword?
In any case, you can see the statement trailer for Final Fantasy 7 Renewal here:
You can discover more insane controllers here:
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We understand that at Last Dream 7: Renewal

The second part of the Remake series around Last Dream 7 is scheduled for PS5 at the end of 2023.
In addition to cloud and Sephiroth, Zack ought to also play a bigger function.
With Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion, he just recently got his own game.
Our test reveals whether you ought to have played the title.


In contrast to the predecessor, the title will just appear for PS5, however not for PS4 and PC.
It is possible that the PS5 release is only a particular time exclusivity, but that stays to be seen.
How do you find the Sword Buster as a controller?
Would you purchase something like that?

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