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In the summer of 2017, the VfB Stuttgart announced Markus Roche as the new sports director. Shortly before, he had left SC Paderborn in the Bundesliga to lead Contract Braunschweig back into Germany’s top flight. So now there is a spiritual successor for Roche at CFB: Fabian Wohlgemuth has signed a three-year contract and succeeded Ralf Rangnick, who led the club from 1994 to 2003 and again in 2006 – 2010.

VfB Stuttgart is starting the rest of the Bundesliga season with a new coach and a brand-new sports director.
While Bruno Lambada understands the Bundesliga from 272 missions, Fabian Wohlgemuth is going into brand-new area.
From the relaxing Paderborn to the fired up Stuttgart: What does the 43-year-old have to prepare for?
The media landscape and attention are the biggest difference, says Markus Roche in a interview (Monday edition), who likewise moved from SC Paderborn to the Bundesliga in 2019, to RB Leipzig at that time.
However, the exact same mechanisms in the second league, simply at a various level. The kind of obstacle changes, however obviously there is also expectations in other clubs.

The teams he created played great football

It is essential to get to know the brand-new environment first, to expand its network, says Roche, who is now a sports director at Eintracht Frankfurt.
In my first 6 months in Leipzig, I traveled a lot in between the video games and consulted with responsible people from big clubs to think of. A good network is the basis for effective work. In Leipzig, I came to another world.
Wohlgemuth likewise trusts Roche to rapidly acquire a grip.


Fabian is a terrific guy who has a clear idea of how his group’s football need to look like. He did a very great job in Paderborn. Because I played there for a long time and work a lot of friends in the club, I’m still close. He also did it extremely well in Kiel prior to, and he will likewise be in Stuttgart in the future. Fabian has the essential calm and experience.
He also has a good hand with coaches. The teams he put together were very effective and have actually played really excellent, offending football.
Power is the logical effect.
In the interview, Roche also explains which errors must be prevented and undertook it himself.
You will discover it together with a report about striving experts from the second league in the Monday output hear as an email.

He also did it really well in Kiel before, and he will also be in Stuttgart in the future. Wohngemuth’s handwriting explains Roche as follows: He develops an excellent mix between young and skilled gamers. He likewise has an excellent hand with coaches. The groups he put together were really successful and have actually played really excellent, offending football.

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