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This article will explore the issue concerning the media and football and how it has become overkill, as well as what could be done to fix this issue.

President Peter Fischer from Bundesliga club Eintracht Frankfurt has knocked the media overdose of football.


Football runs around the clock, even the greatest crap is now being sent, said the 66-year-old after the award for the group of the year in Baden-Baden: The Infantile (FIFA President Gianni Infantino, i.e. Red.).
Now a bigger club World Cup. Maybe he can think of a World Cup under the peacekeeping..
On the other hand, a great deal of sports is underrepresented, grumbled Fischer: I wish to distribute it differently if that was possible. At the end of the day it is not about the bait that tastes of the angler, but just the fish is needed.
Pressure of the audience..
With him there would also be water polo, Frisbee and such things, he stated: I find a lot of left, however unfortunately it does not exist on TV..

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