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The FIFA World Cup is one of the biggest sporting events in the world, and FIFA 23 celebrates it with special avatars for its players. However, after weeks of great anticipation and hype, EA Sports has an embarrassing mistake up their sleeves that still isn’t fixed:

It is the biggest stage in football: the World Cup captures an entire sport every 4 years and brings in billions in front of the TV and consoles.
Due to the fact that of course the World Cup also happens in football simulations such as FIFA 23.
In the course of this year’s World Cup finals, designers EA Sports drove up with brand-new World Cup icons.
However, some special legends are not just missed by the Canadian branch of the US group, but even reveal the incorrect gamers.

Dogma becomes defender legend

The most prominent example of this optically entertaining error is Didier Dogma.
The leading star was among the very best strikers of his time, but acted in FIFA 23 as one of the greatest protectors of perpetuity.
Since you installed the club icon of Chelsea FC, instead plays Milan legend Paolo Molding.
Dropping baptized the hybrid of the 2.
With all the amusement, the bug can also create a genuine disadvantage for gamers.
Among the unique functions of Unique icons is their body, which produces specific motions through which only leading players have.
If Molding acts instead of Dogma, in spite of Dogma’s in game worth, some movement and dynamics are lost and particularly crucial elements of the FIFA meta.

also affected German World Cup hero

But that’s not all: Even the World Cup icons, which exist correctly, in some cases do not see their genuine good example comparable and let the specific physique miss out on.
The World Cup cards from Bastian Schweinsteiger, Zinedine Zidane or Roberto Carlos, for example, have significantly more genre faces than their other variations.
However, a further aspect of the misstep is particularly discouraging for the FIFA neighborhood: Up until now, there is no info on the part of EA Sports about whether and if so, when yes, the mistake is gotten rid of.


The problem about Dropping and Co. has been known for three weeks.

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