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When the FIFA Council met in Paris this week, they voted to expand the World Cup from 32 teams to 48. The tournament will follow a three-team group format.


The Guardian had actually already reported at the beginning of December that the new sporting setting meant for the World Cup in the USA, Canada and Mexico with 16 teams, which would then not be played in 3 groups for progress, would not be pulled through.
FIFA President Gianni Infantino confirmed this idea in his final interview in Doha on Friday and also provided a factor: After this World Cup and the success of the groups with 4 groups, we need to discuss it again. You didn’t understand till the last minute of the video games, you didn’t know,
Whoever gets. That was incredible.
The mode with the four groups would likewise have a different benefit for FIFA.
Infantile likewise anticipates half more income.

The world association in the cycle prior to the Qatar World Cup had already made sales of 7.5 billion euros and hence achieved a boost of one billion euros compared to the previous World Cup cycle by 2018.
Regardless of whether they are played in groups of four in three or three groups, Infantile thinks that thanks to the title fights in 2026 in the USA, Canada and Mexico, football will be booming in North America, said Infantile: We are optimistic about strength of the
Football. We are convinced that football can likewise end up being primary in The United States and Canada. Maybe second and then primary with time.

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