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Remade Connect Co., Ltd. (CEO Lee Honda) announced on the 16th that it has officially launched the mobile RPG ‘Spirit Saber’, which was developed and published by Nitro X (CEO Park Jong-il).

‘Spirit Saber’ is a mobile game that adds a neglected system to the RPG genre that enjoys character collection, nurturing, and strategy against the adventure of the protagonist in human salvation.
The game, which maximizes the taste and taste of sophisticated illustrations and cute dot graphics, embodies the advantages and fun of the RPG genre that collects, fosters more than 30 characters and plays strategic play.
In addition, the neglected system implemented with automatic infinite hunting regardless of access and non-connection is expected to add fun to the use of the user’s convenience and freedom.

Park Jong-il, CEO of Nitro X, said, This work, which adds a neglected genre that pursues user convenience and freedom to the RPG genre with the advantage of various contents composition, is expected to showcase the game without stressful nitro ticket RPG.


Meanwhile, Spirit Saber has recently received a passing score as a neglected genre that has been emerging as a new alcohol in the domestic and foreign mobile game market.
Spirit Saber, which has made the originality of the combination of servant collection from the beta test to the neglected RPG, has set a record of 400,000 pre-booking following the one-store’s best beta game.
In addition, the company’s explanation is that the publishing know-how of Made Connect, which records 60 million downloads in the global market and serves Abyss called Healing Game Aid, is also added to Spirit Saber’s expectations.

Lee Honda, CEO of Remade Connect, said, We expect that this work, which combines the advantages of neglected RPGs and the fun of collecting in two tests and acclaim, will be a milestone to prove the possibility of the neglected RPG market.

The neglected mobile RPG ‘Spirit Saber’ can be downloaded free of charge through Google Play and One Store, and plans to expand the market to the Apple App Store in the first half of next year.

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