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Disney Valley Dream light brings chaos home when the crash of Stitch lands in the valley.
Having completed several quests in his line of friendship quests, it will become a little nervous.
Here’s how to fulfill the quest of Friendship of Sty ch Seventh level of the Sty ch Hobbies in Disney Dream light Valley.

How to Pass the Strict Hobbies in Disney Dream light Valley

To start this quest, you need to perform the first two quests in the quest chain of Stitch, Checking the level of kindness and very sleepy stitch.
Then you will need to raise the level of Friendship of Stitch to the seventh and invite Ursula and Ariel back to his village.
To begin this quest, there are no hidden requirements.
You just need to talk with Stick, who is very, very boring.


Surely a hobby will help him, right?
At first, Stick gives you a broken TV that he watched.
Collect the following materials to help him fix him:
Nine workshops of details (created from six iron ingots, which are made of 30 units of iron ore and six units of coal ore)
Three gold ingots (made of 15 gold nuggets and three coal ores)
Three pieces of glass (made of 15 units of sand and 3 units of coal ore)
As soon as you collect all this, you can use them to create television Strict from the furniture tab Menu Craft menu.
Take the TV to the house of Stitch and talk to him.
Look with him a film about monsters, which, as expected, does not tire enough of Stitch.
He needs adventure!
Start with a change of clothing with a wardrobe menu for sports top, trousers and shoes.
You need to take Sty ch to the adventurous place, so go to the mysterious cave for Dazzle Beach.
Talk to Stick before he escapes to the bottom of the cave.
The chase behind him.
Stick really wants to find a marine monster, and the closest that you have in the valley is Ursula.
Go and bring her in her house to be kicked out.
Today she does not have a epoch.
Talk to Stick.

He still liked to see the sea monster, but he wondered if there were more friendly sea creatures.
See how he talks with Ariel, who explains how Ursula stole her voice.
This makes the wheels in Stick’s head rotate again.
Talk to him for the last time to hear what he might want the music to become his new hobby before the quest ends.
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