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It’s no coincidence that the SC Prussia Münster is so keen to have a player from their own region in the team. They are also an important part of the region’s cultural life. The club has for decades worked on being an illustrative example and active driving force for sports, culture and social work.

V/0782/2022-Behind this low-profile public acronym is what will considerably affect the activity on Hammer Straße in the next couple of years and also the future stability of the SC Prussia Münster native there.
It is the theme that passed the council with wide authorization of the political teams on Wednesday evening.
It states: The council supplies as an offered budget plan for the expansion of the city stadium on Hammer Stress as well as thus as a budget for the overall approval tender […] 60,23,000 euros. The way is ultimately paved, towards one
Totally covered and entirely modernized Prussian stadium.
This choice is an additional landmark to execute this lighthouse task for the advancement of competitive sporting activities in Münster and in the Hinterland.
It is the result of a resilient trusting participation of all those involved in the association, management as well as national politics.
Our big thanks most likely to that.
We understand that we are not yet at our goal, there will certainly be much more thick boards to drill.
But considering that today we are specific that we will do it.

After years of conversation and also lots of setbacks, SC Prussia gets a sustainable location, as well as the city of Münster has another tourist attraction with charm far beyond the city limits.
We as an organization continue to encounter our obligation and know that we have a lot to go back to every person that was associated with this favorable development, comments on the council choice.
The increase in the spending plan, which was originally approximated to be 40 million euros, on the initiative of the Council alliance from Greens, SPD and also Volt now enables the implementation of the getting order preferred by the SC Pressed Münster and its fans (entailed by the AG Prussia Arena).
Firstly, the concrete preparation of the entire stadium to fulfill the DFL needs for the 2nd department viability by the city of Münster based upon the feasibility research study 12, 2021 as part of the overall acceptance treatment to be executed.

Demo lance of the order sets the order

This is adhered to by the building of the west grandstand as well as the moving of the guest block, along with the decrease as well as new building of the north stands.
In the training course of this, adaptation of the existing south grandstand with functionally needed partial moving are required before the north grandstand was taken down.
In the further, as well as relying on the results of the procedure of the TU tender, the south-east edge including the building of a stadium preschool and to cover additional space demands by the city of Münster.
In the last construction phase, the reduction and new building and construction of the eastern stands are then realized.
All building and construction procedures are subject to the implementation of the energy and also sustainability idea of the city of Münster and the factor to consider of lasting flexibility advancement.
The growth of the southwest corner to cover the space needs of SC Prussia for the modernization of the workplace as well as to execute the advancement capacity of the young and expert location can be done by the sporting activities club, its financiers and also, if essential, in collaboration with other sporting activities clubs from Münster if they make certain financing,

The method is finally led, in the direction of one

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