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The question is as old as the profession itself: what happens to an athlete after his retirement? In Europe, by contrast with the United States and Japan, it is common for athletes to be employed by their club for up to a year after the end of their active sport career.

From a legal perspective, Manuel Neuer does not have to fear any repercussions from his company FC Bayern Munich from a legal viewpoint.
This emerges from the argumentation of sports law specialists Christoph Schickhardt and Hanns-Uwe Richter.
The main principle in case law is: a company is not worried about anything a staff member does on trip, stated Schickhardt of the DPA.
Never had suffered a lower leg fracture on Friday while strolling ski tours.
The accident occurred in brand-new leisure time.

In order to reduce the threat of injury away from the lawn, the player contracts at FC Bayern contain a matching clause according to BUILD, according to which the gamers are not enabled to practice unsafe sports.
Never’s agreement should not include a so-called ski provision, so there is no explicit ban on skiing.
According to Schickhardt, there used to be such stipulations on leisure habits in the employment agreement of expert athletes, however these are typically ineffective.
For this reason, the DFL sample license contract does not include any such provisions.


Richter said: It is vital whether the worker breached a duty and hence breached a clause Such a clause can restrict the worker to exercise dangerous sports. If he has breached this provision.
Or the worst case-can be sanctioned by termination.
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According to Schickhardt, Never should be concerned despite his high income as an expert athlete as a regular worker like everybody else.

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