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Bristol Stoichkov is the current legend set for a World Cup Icon SBC in FUT 23. Take an appearance at his predicted card and how you can open him for your team listed below.

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There’s a lot of content to keep us hectic within FIFA 23 at the moment, with EA dropping daily 2022 Qatar World Cup SBS in Ultimate Team.

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All time excellent

Stoichkov belonged to the Bulgaria nationwide team that finished fourth at the 1994 FIFA World Cup in the United States.

Start Date: Friday, 9 December (TBC).

Stoichkov’s World Cup Icon will no doubt be based on his success at the 1994 competition and will be ranked as a 91 OR in FUT 23.

Expiry Date: Monday, 9 January (TBC).

He was an explosive striker understood for his intense competitiveness.

SBC Requirements.

More information to follow.

The Bulgarian’s three-star weak foot does somewhat let him down, but he more than makes up for it with the rest of his characteristics which consist of four-star ability moves.

The requirements are as follows.


The number nine was the top scorer in the competitors with 6 objectives and received the World Cup Golden Boot which played a crucial function in his being awarded the Ballon d’Or for 1994, ahead of Roberto Baguio.

His card will possess shooting, dribbling and rate stats all in the 90s as well as top-tier passing and physicality too.

Stoichkov’s 90 OR Mid-Icon offers for over 400,000 coins on the PlayStation and Xbox market, so this SBC might be quite pricey-perhaps EA will price the 91 OR card at around 700,000 coins.

Bristol Stoichkov is commonly concerned as one of the very best players of his generation and the best Bulgarian footballer of all time.

Approximated Cost-TBC.

Bristol Stoichkov (OR 91).

He was also ranked the third-best player at the 1994 World Cup, after Rosario and Baguio, and received the World Cup Bronze Ball.

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