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Deep night Games has announced the launch date of Nuclear Blaze, its first game, in PlayStation, Xbox and Switch. It will be on April 28, 2023; You can see the first trailer up here.

Nuclear Blaze is an action adventure, reads in Steam, in which we assume control of a firefighter who must face the flames, as usual, only that in his last work something is different: he meets some Mysterious military facilities that will make the thing get complicated.

It is a brief game, say its responsible, that cares more about the quality than about quantity: More than a Rogue lite/Like/Vania, it is an adventure by the creator of Dead Cells as intense as brief, warn in Steam. Having this the firm of Sébastien Bénard, indeed one of those responsible for the long-lived Dead Cells, perhaps it is tempting to wait for a game with that almost infinite reach, and it seems that this time the thing is very different.


These versions for console arrive a year after the launch of Nuclear Blaze in Steam, which occurred in October last year. For the physical editions of Switch and PlayStation (Xbox stays out of the boxes) the collaboration of Red Art Games, a French publisher specialized in physical editions for collectors has been collaborated.

Bénard signs this with his new study, Deep night Games, composed mainly of himself; He founded it in 2020, after leaving Motion Twin, the study in which he became known as Lead Deal Cells. Nuclear Blaze, his debut, was born from a Lulu Dare in which he tried to do, in the very limited time of a game Jam, a firefighters game that could play with his 3-year-old son. The thing was growing and so Nuclear Blaze was born.

Here we could talk to Bénard in 2019, when Dead Cells had already had an early access year. In that interview he made clear his position regarding the working conditions of the largest studies, of the great multinationals, and how they contrasted with what was tried to do from Motion Twin; It does not sound strange, taking into account this and other interviews, which has decided to launch into solo development.

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