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For Uruguay, everything looked extremely well with the South American versus Ghana deservedly 2-0, in the parallel video game Portugal against South Korea, the European champion in 2016 led whatever in lot. However then the video game tipped, the Asians turned the video game against the Portuguese and suddenly the group around captain Luis Suárez needed a win with three goals.

Because of discrimination, ## FIFA figured out

Apart from the fact that they sorted some top-class carpenters in the 2nd half, Uruguay’s players upset about a scene that in their view, when Edison Havana had too voluntarily put his leg into the walking path of Acid Sad and hence desired to provoke the penalty whistle. Sievert was assaulted alone and from that moment.

On Monday, FIFA announced that its disciplinary commission had started examinations against the sky blue. It is about infractions of reasonable play, insulting habits, misconduct of officials and players in addition to discrimination. Professionals José Maria Giménez, Edison Havana, Fernando Muster and Diego Odin also have to answer personally.

may Sievert whistle once again?

In concept, the 38-year-old Berliner might not be blamed in the heated battle with numerous challenging scenes ( grade 3.5). It is also clear that this group battle was a fiercely talked about game-not just on the part of the Uruguayer.

The judgment of the FIFA at this World Cup will no longer have a direct influence on the South Americans, the two-time world champion (1930, 1950) was dramatic through the 2-0 victory versus Ghana. It is still unsure whether Sievert can experience another objective at the final round in Qatar.

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