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For the foxes it was the seventh competitive win in a row.


Best Berlin throwers in Nuremberg Hans Lindberg with nine as well as Paul Drug and Jacob Hold with six objectives.
Nico Model, Johannes Selling and Christoph Steiner teach satisfied 5 times for Erlangen.
Under the eyes of national goalkeeper Manuel Neuer, a really stressful video game established with many errors on both sides right from the start.
The foxes took the lead directly away, however some spaces exposed in the defense.
And even in the attack, they acted too unfocused one time or another.
The Berliners however benefited from the numerous technical mistakes, which they all punished ice-cold.
After an excellent 22 minutes, the lead grew to four goals for the very first time (13: 9).
A weak phase of the visitors then permitted the Franks a 3-0 run, however the foxes had a direct response prior to the break.
After the modification of sides, the Berliners connected it flawlessly and even pulled 6 goals (19:13).

Then it got busy again, and the foxes could be contaminated.
Erlangen returned, however in the end goalkeeper Dean Milosavljev saved his group the narrow away win with strong parades.

HC Erlangen-Füchse Berlin 28:30 (12:16).

Goals: Model (5), Selling (5), Steiner (5/3), Michel (4), Inhaler (3), Bessel (2), Many (2), Link (1), Lesson (1) for Erlangen.
Lindberg (9/3), Drug (5), Hold (6), Andersson (3), Ludovic (2), Wide (2), Dark (1), Arsenic (1) Michigan (1) for Berlin.
Spectators: 7054.

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