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VFL coach Tommy Strewn made 3 changes compared to the 4-0 win at 1. FC Cologne: Major, Hugh and Films bet Warmth, Jonsdottir and Hearing (all bank).
On the other hand, Frankfurt’s coach Nike Atlantis trusted the very same gamer who might beat Bayer Leverkusen 1-0 a week earlier.
As soon as Major prior to the break, ## two times Reward and
The wolves might take the lead early.
After a double pass with a lat twine, Reward had the ability to accept the ball in the penalty area in peace and hit the left corner (5th).
The early 1-0 played VFL into the cards.
Frankfurt had issues finding into the game, but ended up being progressively better without truly having a risk.
It was just half an hour that there was the very first SGE opportunity, but free gain access to did not truly get to the ball from a brief distance (30th).
Shortly before the break whistle, VFL increased.


After a volley, Reward took advantage of a goalkeeper mistake by Johannes (42nd), then Major was very free after a smoke corner and struck 3: 0 (44. ).
After the break, Reward continued where she dropped in the very first half.
Pop ran a ball on the wing, the Dutch took the center of the center striker and struck her captain for the third time (53. ).

Fr ohms on the post

A brief time later on, Frankfurt also showed how much quality is in his squad.
Pairing won the ball from Overdose and stuck through free of charge access.
The striker prevailed extremely strongly versus Hendrick, however was not able to get rid of the rushing Fr ohms (61. ).
The video game lost on the journey.
The wolves still had great chances, twice was missing out on just a few centimeters for the 5th goal (68th and 59th).
That then fell quickly prior to the final whistle.
Brand had excessive area on the right wing, Doors wished to clarify, but grown the ball into their own goal (86th).
With the victory, Wolfsburg continued from the SGE and was also able to restore the old distance of five points on the women of FC Bayern.
After 6 wins and two draws, the Frankfurt females lost for the very first time in this Bundesliga season.
For Wolfsburg, it advances Thursday (18.45) in the Champions League, then the wolves meet AS Rome.
Frankfurt welcomes Turbine Potsdam a day later on (7.15 p.m.) at the start of the 10th Bundesliga match day.

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