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Release date: November 18, 2022

Developer: Supermassive Games

Platforms: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PC

Genres: adventure game, survival horror

Publishers: Banzai NAMC Entertainment

Mode: multiplayer

Series: The Dark Pictures Anthology

Price: $54.99

Those who know me know that I have always had a penchant for horror games, so it is not surprising that I was seduced by the games of supermassive games. This story started with the game Until Dawn who had known how to get drunk with her story and her interactive film style. Subsequently, Supermassive Games decided to launch the series The Dark Pictures Anthology, offering different stories, but with a common thread that unites them. After three very interesting first games despite some bugs and a facial animation that sometimes leaves something to be desired we are finally entitled to The Devil in Me, the title which concluded the first season of the series.

This time, the Supermassive Games team is attacking a game that is inspired by the first American serial killer, the unfortunately famous Doctor Henry Howard Holmes and his death hotel. You play a small team of documentary makers who shoot a program on H. H. Holmes. One day, your team receives an invitation in order to visit a replica of the ” Château DES Meters ” from M. Holmes, what a great opportunity for your team. Is it too good to be true? This is what you will discover during your journey in The Devil in Me.

Why change a recipe that works so well

If you’ve already played a game from the Games Supermassive studio, you already know that you will have to take control of five protagonists and make them evolve in a multilinear story. The latter will be influenced by the choices you are going to make throughout your progress. These choices will therefore have an impact on life and relations with your comrades. In addition, you will have to accomplish certain ” ate ” by pressing the right touches at the right time to try to save your characters, because yes they can die. In The Devil in Me, you will also be able to try some new features, the management of an inventory that will serve you to solve certain puzzles. Each of the characters has their own capacities and which can serve you… or not if the latter has died. For example, the character of Chris can crochet locks, which can be an asset at certain times. That’s not all, the developers also wanted to give you more freedom of movement, you can now run, jump and also climb. Admittedly, these first stammering of movements are not only a source of pleasure, sometimes they seem to be added to give more longevity to the game, and sometimes they do not respond very well. Nevertheless, these are probably features that will be pushed more in the next titles in the series and which will be improved over time. One of the added features, which unfortunately is not exploited for its best is the possibility of hiding. Thus, at certain times in the game we are invited to hide in places so as not to be seen.

An aging engine?

One of the aspects that always paid me in the Games Supermassive Games is the empty look of the characters. They do not always reflect the emotion of the character and sometimes have the impression of having to do a model. This is also the case for facial expressions, which do not always reflect the emotion experienced by our character. Let us also add the camera problems which fortunately are much less present in this title. Although this does not spoil our gaming experience, it would be interesting for the next season that the developers improve the visual. In addition to these details, we can say that the developers have done a good job in terms of lighting and modeling of environments. In fact, we are entitled to an acceptable visual experience, which makes us realize that Supermassive Games should perhaps abandon the PS4 and the Xbox One to focus on the ” Next-Gen ” in order to offer us a more rendering realistic.


In terms of dubbing, the game offers players the possibility of playing in French, unfortunately, during our games we sometimes had changes in languages during our progression. For example, we climbed a platform and the game went from French to English without change made from us. For the rest, the sound atmosphere and the music that guide us throughout our adventure help our immersion.

An adventure that we can share

If you want to have a little evening with three of your friends, you can try to thwart the killer’s attempts in turn. It is therefore possible to play the campaign online or locally.

In the end, is it good?

Although it runs out a bit, the experience that is offered to us in The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me is very pleasant. The title blows certainly of display bugs, characters with an empty look and without emotion, but the concept of play is always as interesting. In addition, the additions offered in The Devil in Me can in the future be assets that will be used to push the adventure even further. The Supermassive Games team should also work on the mechanisms and puzzles in order to complicate the task a little for experienced players. In conclusion, even SIL is far from perfect, The Devil in will please me in fans of the series.

+ The hotel

+ The atmosphere

+ History mixing fact real and fiction

+ The addition of the inventory

+ The possibility of hiding

+ We can play in gang

-The animation of the characters

-Language Bogies

-Tree slow to start

-We need a little novelty

-The puzzles and the game mechanics running out of steam

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