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Consistency is a new mechanics added to Warhammer 40k Dark tide, which was not in previous Fat shark games. If you are not sure what coherence is in Dark tide, and continue to confuse this on your screen, let us explain the purpose of this.

What is coherence in dark tide

Conference is a kind of meaning, which represents the number of allies within the given radius from your character and is considered a decisive factor that has an important impact on your team.

Finding closer to the allies allows the player to quickly restore his shield compared to the natural healing rate. In addition, Coherency also rewards you with a few shield every time you kill the enemy.


Coherently increases when you and your teammates are close to each other, and decreases when you begin to move away from each other and go beyond the boundaries of the radius of coherence.

The consistency icon is located next to the health band. The number is dynamic and will change depending on the number of players within the radius of coherence at the same time.

how coherence works and affects the team

Conference affects several things in Dark tide. One of them is strength. The rate of replenishment of endurance directly depends on the number of players in the coherence range.

Another important thing: each class has different aura providing their team with a push in the coordination range. Due to the fact that each class affects the consistency of skills, unification with comrades can help to achieve the best combat characteristics.

Combination also works as a kind of silent team communication, since you can get an idea of the number of ammunition of your team and much more.

The color of the icon next to the portrait of the character speaks of ammunition. White means almost complete ammunition. Yellow means an almost low level of ammunition, and orange is critically low. Red color shows that the cartridges have completely ended.

Within the consistency, you can get information about the ammunition of your teammate, and you can more accurately reset the ammunition box so that your comrades can have a complete advantage.

Most of your success is connected with how well you stay with your teammates and maintain a strong coordination. If you go too far beyond the consistency, you and your team will suffer.

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