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League of Legends has undergone major changes with the introduction of patch 12.22. The 2023 preseason has reached the game to stay, and one of its most curious effects has been the increase in popularity of resistance-based characters. Both in the upper and jungle lane, tanks are selected much more common. Even those who had never been seduced by this type of heroes have found some attraction in them after the last adjustments or, at least, they wanted to try the news at the same time that they were introduced into the video game.

An object that deceives League of Legends players

Riot Games has managed to attract community attention with the new items. Especially with the heart of steel. This object sells us the fantasy of becoming super-powered characters capable of accumulating amounts greater than 6,000 health points in the final minutes of the game. The problem is that it is a trap item. Although it works very well in some characters, it is generating many mistakes when choosing the following objects of our champions. A situation that is motivated by its decompensated statistics and the operation of the damage in League of Legends.

In response to the data on victories of the objects of League of Legends, we can verify that the heart of steel is the second item with the lowest triumph number in percentage terms. Only the rod of the ages, which seems to need a lot of work by Riot Games, offers a lower performance. These figures are not definitive since we know that the performance of the items cannot be analyzed only from a statistical point of view, since they can lead to deceptive comparisons. In general, the objects that are soon bought have the worst success rate, since they are achieved when the game is less decanted.

A problem that goes beyond mathematics

The real problem of this item and its statistics is that they generate decompensation in the champions. The health points are the most in defensive statistics of League of Legends in the aforementioned except that we face champions with a lot of true damage (it does not apply if this character is Wayne). These are due to several factors, but there are two very important ones that are also easy to understand.

  • League of Legends has many mechanics that damage the champions based on their maximum life. There are examples in widely used objects (leaf of the king, divine heartbreaking, demonic hug, Landry…) and also in characters (Dogma, Wayne, Lillian, Sett…). Magic armor and resistance are the only way to make counter this damage.
  • Healing rarely scale depending on the maximum life of the character that receives it. Increasing our armor and magical resistance makes each health point more effective, so that it has a positive impact on the party that we can get this mechanic.

Of course, in the video game there are also mechanics that can attack the armor and magical resistance of the champions or reduce it considerably. However, they are much less common and popular. The ruined king leaf is the most used object of all League of Legends, while the black blade only appears in 4% of the games. Additionally, resistance reduction does not usually work percentage, if not in a fixed amount. This means that buying more quantity is the appropriate response to make this mechanics counter.

How does the damage in League of Legends work?

Everything we have said so far does not imply that the health points are a statistic to ignore in our next games, but we must stay in a very difficult balance margins to achieve when we bet on certain items. From a mathematical point of view, the perfect amount of armor and magical resistance (added) that we must buy in a game is one that equals 15% of the maximum life of our champion. These resistance points must also be distributed in the most similar way possible to the distribution of damage to the enemy equipment.

To get to this response we have taken into account the operation of the damage in League of Legends.
Each additional point of armor or magic resistance always makes our health a 1% more effective against such damage.
However, 1% on 1,000 health points equals 10;
while 1% over 4,000 health points equals 40. This is what generates the need to carry out a balance.
In a scenario where there are no more mechanical balance, the perfect balance would be 10 armor points per 100 life (10%), but taking into account the existence of the items and champions that hit the maximum rival HP we opt for
A value closer to 15% that compensates for these situations.


  • Note: The heart of steel without loads is compared in front of a JAK’ho with the active passive.
    In any case, the imbalance would only be greater the more loads we got with the heart of steel.

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