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HOOPLA published a subculture-style rogue strategy mobile game Neural Cloud announced the Grand Open.

Neural Cloud, which is scheduled to open on November 23rd, is the next film of the girl front, which was released in Korea in 2017 and received hot love and attention. Neural Cloud, selected by 2 million global pre-booking, may be worried about understanding the worldview because of the characteristics of the girl’s front series, but even if the girl front and the worldview are shared, the terms and backgrounds are different and the terminology is not understood. There is a system that can be clicked to check immediately, so you can enjoy the game without any problems even if you do not do it.

Neural Cloud is a new play-style mobile game with a deck building element in the play style of Doglike and Auto Battle. In major battles, the party will be organized into five main members and three replacement members, and if the difficulty of the strange is high, it can be cleared with the support of a strong doll of friend or system recommendation.

Server open events that begin with the official opening were also announced. First, the special channel search event, which runs from November 23 to November 30, can earn at least one three-star doll by searching only once and 10 times. In addition, with the starlight of the pickup event, which has a significant increase in the probability of three-star doll Hubble, which was very popular with users in CBT, the autumn frost’s sword pickup event, which can obtain a few male doll Aka with a high probability of winning a few male dolls, is also 11 It will be held from 23rd to December 14th.


At the same time, it will be an indispensable attendance event, and a designated doll acquisition event will be opened to select one of the eight three-star dolls. In addition, the costumes of Sakura, Nanak, Pen, which were reproduced by reproducing the classical theater, and the Furniture set of LOFT theme, which can decorate the accommodation, which is a resting space, will also be sold.

In addition to November 30, the resource gathering event, which will be held for about a week, will also be held, and the Top of the Enigma Black Hall, which is open, will be held when you clear all the Enigma sectors’ general stages. In the case of a pass that can earn a variety of rewards with the Magnesia achievement score, which is completed and acquired by the daily mission, it will be held from November 28 to December 26.

Meanwhile, the girl front manager said that he did his best to provide an environment where users could enjoy the game in the best game environment, and they focused on localizing in order not to break the immersion of the story. Many people are trying to increase their efforts. Lastly, he said that he can check the strategy and various information through the Neural Cloud official cafés and lounges, and added that he is sincerely grateful for his interest in the neural cloud.

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