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The SCR Attach tested seven potential new additions against FC Dornbirn, consisting of a former Newcastle kicker with Ashraf Bazaar.

In addition, Thomas Pled (Ex-Forta-Düsseldorf), Mike Bare (among others at Barnsley and Hanover 96), Samir Enamor (former Armenia Bielefeld), Dion Bertha (trained in the Augsburg youngsters) and Heinz Porsche (most just recently at Dynamo Dresden) for use.

The Miroslaw Close team did not bleed up and won 5: 0 (goals: 1: 0 Porsche (20th), 2: 0 Schreiner (65. ), 3: 0 Edokpilor (70. ), 4: 0 Pled (77. ), 5: 0 Pavarotti (90th)). How the test players will continue is not yet understood.

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Unusual names appeared versus Dornbirn at the SCR Attach test video game: the Vorarlberg evaluated seven players. Norman Felix Dornebusch recently ran for Fortuna Sitar (Redivide) and 1. FC Nuremberg (2nd Bundesliga).

Ashraf Lamar came to the defense on the left in the defense and 30-year-old played ten games for Newcastle United and was likewise under contract with Portimonense (Portugal), Watford (England) and Cadenza (Italy) and played 19 video games for Morocco.

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