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Dodong-do Dud dong Room ~

If you’re a gamer who looks back on the outdoor booth of G-Star 2022, it’s a song. This is a tremendous addictive that is the Ever Soul music of Aka Games. It’s a cute song that keeps coming out of the outdoor booth.

Aka Games prepared a booth at the first exhibition hall with Ever Soul Outdoor Booth. Ares: You can demonstrate the Lost Eidolons, which was released in October with the new work, including Rise of Guardians, Guards Order, Dist era, and Black Out Protocol.


In particular, Ares and Wadis Order have individual sessions to catch the eye with the interior and cosplay model for the concept. In addition, you can meet various programs every hour on stage. On the first day of the 17th, Song Jae-young appeared on the stage and released Archie Age 2 for the first time.

For more information about the G-Star 2022 Aka Games booth, please visit the website. There are also various events, so be sure to check and come to the site.

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