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The account with still over 50,000 fans had signed off on the social media platform in mid-September because the insults for explanations for a handball at the Bundesliga game Bertha BSC versus Bayer Leverkusen had actually attained a brand-new dimension. You have to protect yourself, co-founder Alex Eberhardt validated at the time.

With the assistance of Hate aid, we would also like to use our comeback to plainly say: insults, hostility and degradation will lead to the truth that we obstruct or mute the affected users, says the post: In severe cases we also inspect criminal effects.

Our return to the World Cup likewise happens because we desire to use Twitter to spread important content for this tournament in Qatar, all of this, simply not a normal World Cup, stated a tweet on November 18.


The account of Collins’s heirs known by the analysis of referee decisions reported to Twitter soon prior to the start of the World Cup.

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