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The winners are FC Internationale Berlin 1980, DKK/FC Ziegelhausen-Peterstal 1926 (Heidelberg), the Ibbenb├╝rener Kickers/Cherubim Laggenbeck, Television Fischer from 1921 (Hamburg) and forward Soho 1998 (Perfume). Part of the jury is a nationwide goalkeeper Manuel Neuer.


Football contributes future is a network of 37 structures, including those of existing and previous national players and some professional clubs. The structures of the German Football Association (DFB) and German Football League (DFL) are also part of it.

The network Football donation Future has for the very first time awarded its future reward and thus awarded clubs from popular s for ingenious commitment. The prices are endowed with 5000 euros each and went to 5 clubs that made local, social and ecological options possible. They were granted in the German Football Museum in Dortmund on Thursday.

Association deserves my greatest respect and acknowledgment, stated 2014 world champion Toni Kroos, who also belongs to the network with his structure: With the future reward, we wish to give clubs a small support and motivate them to continue.

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