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Lee Young-do, Lee Young-do’s fantasy novel, Bird Drinking Tears, was set up on the 11th.

The Art Book ‘Crossing the Limit Line’ has completely embodied the worldview and characters in the original work that can only be seen in the text of the novel. The art book contains more than 300 illustrations of figures, races, backgrounds, and clothes, as well as the plot and detailed interpretation.

The Art Book ‘Cross the Limit Line’ will be pre-sale at major online bookstores such as Yes24, Aladdin, and Kyoto Bookstore from 11th to 17th, and will provide eight first-class big postcards as a reservation privilege. In addition, the art book will be pre-sale in the online novel platform ‘Brit G’, a publisher of the publisher. In the offline bookstore, you can see the art book from the 18th.

This art book is the essence of visual R & D work on the drinking birds that Craft ton has been in progress for the past two years. Craft ton has been conducting visual R & D as a preliminary work to expand the original IP to various creations such as games and videos. In addition, the company has made intense efforts to show the results that the original fans and readers can relate to.

Crampon launched the project Windless for the expansion of the new IP in 2021, and unveiled some concept art for the first time, and in August this year, a new game based on the IP of ‘Tear’ The company released an additional concept art by releasing the project ‘Unannounced Project’. In particular, the visual concept trailer, Nāga Salman, which was released in September, was well received by fans around the world.

The visual R & D work of ‘Tearing Birds’ is the design director MAIN McCain (MAIN McCain), who participated in the initial character visualization of various blockbuster movies such as Team Windless, Star Wars and Avengers, led by Crampon’s Son Kwangju Art Director. )

Son Kwangju, Craft ton Art Director, said, As I worked, all my teammates loved this work sincerely, he said.

Ian MCG Design Director said, I was crazy about this novel and at least three or four times. I will guide you.

Crampon aims to provide global users with various types of contents while being faithful to the original and adding originality in order to grow the drinking birds into a global IP. Next year, we plan to introduce graphic noble to inform more global readers of the drinking birds.

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