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Classified for IEM Rio Major 2022 playoffs, the first CS: GO of history held in azil, Team Spirit got used to having the azilian fans against the team during the competition, something not only in the duel against the fury, won by the azilians, as well as in the Russian clashes against outsiders and Team Liquid.

In addition to the fact that Curia was eliminated by Spirit herself in the quarterfinals of PGL Major Antwerp 2022, the Curia’s victory over the Russian team at the Rio de Janeiro Major Legends was marked by the moment when Spirit Aleksandr Kuznets’s psychologist was Even the azilian crowd and asked the public to scream louder, which was understood by azilians as a provocation, something denied by Kuznets.

In an interview with MGG azil , the player Pavel Seen Goblin said that despite the obvious pressure environment against Spirit, the team did not bother the unfavorable environment in the support.

I think the game against the fury was very tense. We started with a big advantage, but they managed to get the turn and the fans got even more explosive. Our psychologist was trying to motivate us, but the fans understood as a provocation. We also had one A certain bad luck when facing outsiders, which has a lot of fans here because of the Jame, and Liquid, which is a very dear team here in azil, but having the fans against us does not bother us. We try to use it the best way to motivate ourselves, reported the player.

When we are under moments of pressure, we try to focus only on our monitors and ignore the fans for our opponent. If we let it affect ourselves, we can get out of the game, and this can not happen. You need to deal with that kind of pressure if you want to win a major and does not have the support of the public.

Although it has been qualified by playoffs, Spirit had a high and downs Stage Legends, and qualified for IEM Rio Major Top 8 with a campaign of 3 wins and 2 losses. Seen acknowledged that the team spent oscillations, but considers that the team gets strengthened to playoffs.


Our team has had some consistency problems in recent months, especially after the Major of Antwerp, when we were still adapting to the arrival of Wonderful. We also oscillate a little here during Legends Stage, but we were able to recover in important games. Favorites, but we are able to beat any team here if we play our best
Finally, Seen emphasized that IEM Major Rio is one of the most balanced in recent years. The Russian player points out that while considering the favorite cloud9, several teams that advanced to playoffs are able to win the title.

Cloud9 was Legends’s best team, and grew a lot after a few ups and downs at Challengers, but I see many teams of the Major title playoffs. It is a major who there is not a team far above the others. In the end, will be details that will define the champion, and we will work to make Spirit this team.

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