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In the middle of the criticism of the undisguised homophobia by Qatar’s World Cup ambassador, the FIFA World Federation Association has actually become the objective of objections by LGBTQ activists on the door of its museum in Zurich. Around 50 demonstrators of a total of 4 teams demanded much less than 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the very debatable Globe Cup finals in Qatar (November 20 to December 18) from the FIFA tip for civil rights as well as particularly various forms of sexuality.


The day prior to the demonstrations at the FIFA Museum, Qatar’s Globe Cup ambassador Khalid Salman got right into the crossfire of criticism for scandalous statements. In a meeting for the ZDF record Secret Qatar, the previous global of the desert state described homosexuality, especially of men as intellectual damage and absolutely warranted the corresponding ban on same-sex love in his residence country. Federal Inside Priest Nancy Falser (SPD) explained Salman’s statements as terrible.

The emphasis of the protest against the ban on homosexuality on the planet Cup host country Qatar was a follow-up football game on a manifold between a group of 2 from LGBTQ kickers on the one hand and a syndicate of fictional reps of FIFA as well as the cops. The FIFA player symbolically traded his jacket versus an outfit of the LGBTQ team and afterwards scored a goal. The gamers then kissed for love as well as equal rights.

The human civil liberties organization Human Rights Watch (HRW) even officially shared an alerting to homosexual people concerning journeys to the Globe Cup tournament in Qatar. There is a great threat that showing same-sex love is penalized, stated HRW Germany director Denzel Michelson at Sky: Whatever assurances there is: Qatar is not a regulation of legislation, and also you can not file a claim against anything.

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