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Homosexual actions are restricted in Qatar and can be penalized with up to seven years behind bars. The tournament coordinators as well as FIFA had stressed numerous times that all followers were welcome at the Globe Cup in Qatar. The Emir of the Gulf State, Tamil container Haman Al Than, also stated that it was likewise anticipated to respect for our culture.

Journalism representative for the Globe Mug company board, who went along with as well as controlled the ZDF group throughout the shooting, broke short the meeting at this moment.


The documentary Secret Qatar can be seen on Tuesday from 8:15 p.m. on ZDF.

A main Ambassador of the Globe Mug in Qatar has explained homosexuality as intellectual damages.

Ex-international Khalid Salman claimed in an interview for the ZDF documentary Secret Qatar that lots of things’ would come right into the nation during the Globe Mug. They will certainly have to accept our regulations, said the 60-year-old.

Most importantly, he had problems with children sowing gays, claimed Salman. Due to the fact that they would after that Discover something that was bad. In his eyes, being gay is harm, that is, prohibited. However, that’s not all: It is mental damage, he added.

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